The Lady who changed our lives

Rosanne changed Wendy’s and my life.

Back in 2000 when Wendy and I were new Christians and just back from our honeymoon we went to our first CLAN gathering. We had met Rosanne earlier in the week and she was praying for us on thelast night of CLAN. Kenny Borthwick was speaking from the stage blessing everyone. Then Wendy and I noticed that Kenny was repeating what Rosanne had just said to us a few moments before. It happened several times and Wendy and I were staring at each other going wow or something. We learned that night that God talks to people and that we can hear Him. This is our foundation and has affected our attitude and expectations ever since

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  1. Sandy Thomson says:

    When we were at CLAN this year we asked her to Prophesy over us again. She said that she saw two lovely flowers growing together and then she saw seedpods throwing seed faraway.

  2. Sandy Thomson says:

    Wendy’s own story
    This is the lady who showed us our first miracle – she was praying for us and said something lovely – the same words were then spoken by Kenny from the stage. This happened 4 times! This was a private message from God for us that he was real and speaking to us. We will be making more time to hear from him as we develop our plans.

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