Study and Mission

After our church search, when we arrived in New Zealand, we have found a home church; Shore Vineyards with Vic and Fran Francis and a great congregation. This feels right and works with the word “To rest in the Vineyard” that we got when we arrived.

Late in 2012 Wendy and I were talking about what to do next, we had been thinking about how we should be doing more about living up to the various calls and prophesy we had received. In preparation we have been working our way through some VBI modules for some time but I certainly am not too good at the distance learning thing at all.

Finding work for me was more difficult than we expected, Wendy had a good job but nothing was showing up for me. I had a look at the NZ Vineyard college but the level of course was aimed at internship. Back to google and up came Laidlaw College, which surprisingly had an open night that evening. Off we trucked and next thing I was signing up to do a Graduate Diploma in Theology. Essentially the third year of a degree in theology without the first two years.

I am now at the end of Semester one and have loved the experience. A completely different way of relating to the Bible, new approaches to learning and communicating.

As a way of answering the first question of what should we be doing, I don’t have a good answer, I feel strongly that here are areas that have been highlighted by God:

  • we should be working with a plant on the East Coast Bays. How and when I have no idea, this is the area I find most terrifying but it wont go away and we have felt it since before we arrived in NZ.
  • the development of a discipleship community
  • evangelising the church
  • working with the trafficked, the modern slaves

I will be writing some of these up as blogs, and I would value any feedback or comment.

We are very happy to be working with the team at Shore Vineyards and are very excited to be part of the Community Group initiative we are all working on.

We are confident that the right doors will open at the right times.