Church Planting Intensive Book Reviews


Feb/March reading Comment below with:

1. A link to your blog/Google doc with the chapter summaries for this reading

2. A brief answer to each of these three questions:

Head – what did you learn?
Hands – what are you going to do?
Heart – what did God say to you?
3. Respond to at least one thought posted by someone else

Deadline: March 31st

2 Responses to Church Planting Intensive Book Reviews

  1. Wendy says:

    OK – this is Wendy’s contribution

    Chapter 1
    If you see yourself doing anything other than church planting, put this book down and go do it now.
    This is a great description of how hard it is to plant a church – got it

    Chapter 2
    It’s all about discipleship, stupid
    I completely agree with this chapter and have had many conversations about this topic. The purpose is to make disciples and to be intentional about it. AND it’s everyone’s job to do it.

    Chapter 3
    Stop Copying, You’re not Xerox
    Names are important. I am still confused about why we call one of our services: North City… my mind we are not even in the city.

    Chapter 4
    Professional athletes got nothing on the confidence of a church planter.
    I am not sure that I agree that confidence is more important than anything else – perhaps this is a reflection of the culture in the USA.

    Chapter 5
    Be MEAN about the vision
    I agree with this. This is also true in the corporate world. Repeating and clarifying the vision ensures that it is ‘caught’ not taught. Also – for the leader, it provides lots of opportunity for God to refine it and communicating it in various ways.

    Chapter 6
    There is no I in team….. well, unless Apple gets ahold of it
    Teams and how to build them. This is a great chapter full of practical advise

    Chapter 7
    Hardest dude to recruit will be a Benjamin
    Building budgets for various phases was very interesting.
    Giving is a discipleship issue and I agree that the church-planter must exhibit the same personal financial responsibility as he expects his church to exhibit.

    Chapter 8
    This will save you some major headaches
    Clarifying the leadership style if very important. Training the leaders and also the entire church regarding the leadership style and process is too.

    Chapter 9
    The 11th Commandment is this….Teach Doctrine early and often
    Love this – in 2015, many people will not have had an opportunity to know that gospel. Bringing the good news is our privilege

    Chapter 10
    Beware of the Peeing Pastors
    I have heard this gripe from many pastors….that people moving from one church to another is not church growth…blah blah blah. I understand the sensitivity and really like the suggestions that this chapter provides.
    Our church is currently being visited by many people and some of them will settle with us and leave another church to do so. We will encourage them to ‘leave well’.

    Chapter 11
    Get your fat butt to the gym
    Completely agree with this advice to keep rested physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sandy and I are currently at the prompting of our FitBits – with daily and weekly targets…and healthy competition.

    Chapter 12
    Jesus, thank you for letting me see this
    I love stories of lives changed. Seeing the work of God is sensational – I take every opportunity of praying for people for this very reason.

  2. Sandy Thomson says:

    Chapter 1: If you can see yourself doing anything other than Church Planting Put This Book Down and Go Do It Now.
    Wobbled a bit between Its hard but do it and other things are hard as well. Has the view that unless you know that you are Called to plant then move on. However many stories of successful plants were led by people who were in the right place at the right time. I think there are as many types of planter as there are people needing a church.

    Chapter 2: Its about Discipleship Stupid
    Most telling phrase in this chapter for me. “He didn’t pass on what he had learned about following God” Some of this communication can be done from the front or in chats but without an intentional and relational communication its hard to get any sort of discipleship.

    Chapter 3: Stop Copying You’re not Xerox
    It is not the method that counts it’s the reason that we are doing it. Just because something worked before does not mean it will or won’t work in the future. Have a plan or method but know that it needs updated as soon as it gets under way.

    Know what God wants you to do and do it.

    Chapter 4: Professional Athletes got nothing on Church Planters
    Quite an American view and some of the nuances are lost in translation. I think what he is saying is have confidence in what you are doing and be able to ride over the lumps and bumps. Do not be arrogant and completely self assured. Fully Rely on God.

    Chapter 5: Be Mean About the Vision
    The vision is how you communicate why and what you are about. It is the thing you defend and work towards. It is not Jesus it is how we are aiming to bring a community of disciples together. Should be able to describe the Vision to someone in less than 3 minutes and leave them wanting to know more. Warning. When we get a question try to answer the question and not just roll out the vision.

    Chapter 6: There is no i in team.
    Dont loose focus on moving people into community. Best Quote. “Small Groups are more effective than large gatherings”

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