What is Value

This morning I was thinking about the word Value, what is it, is it measurable? We had fun in the old days defining Quality, eventually agreed as delivering what was asked for, often not what was needed just exactly what was asked for.
In the stuff I was reading “value” words like relational and grace and sacrifice were used, each a candidate for measurement but a long way from a definition. In my old world, a concept such as value or quality has to be measured against what we are trying to achieve. This asks a big question, what are we trying to do?

To a young parent sleep and support have immeasurable value, to a teacher an improving student, a father to get home before the kids go to bed. For Jesus his objective is for us to be in the presence of his father and to work towards the establishing of his kingdom here on earth.

The question for Christians is “does what you are doing now have value in his terms?” Don’t just spit or grab the hair shirt, gently look at how you measure value in your life, we are all intrinsically valuable but are your choices and actions also of value. Not all of mine are.