Discipleship 2013

Thinking about Mission, Discipleship, Resources and Communication

As a part of a course I have been doing at Laidlaw, I have been trying to bring together some of the teaching on leadership and organisation with some observations building on my experience as a business consultant. This discussion pulls together some of that academic work and opens it up to your input. There will be a number of pages to this discussion, so far these are:

  1. The Hermeneutic of Mission; how do we interpret Scripture from the point of view of Mission.
  2. Missionary or Disciple; what do we understand by these ideas.
  3. The Customer; who are we doing this for?
  4. Workers; who is doing the work?
  5. What is being Communicated?
  6. Doing Discipling?
  7. Bibliography.

Any comments or thoughts are my own or are referenced. I would very much value input.